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Magnum Roofing Ltd. provides the best roofing services that adjust to your needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our expertise is your best option.

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Torch on, this is our specialty

Best quality products for commercial and industrial projects. We are SOPREMA approved applicators.

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Shingle Roof

20 year of experience on shingle roof, our expertise is your best option.

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All Kind of Repairs

Budget wise a good repair can extend the life of your roofing for a few years.

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More than 20 years of experience

Magnum Roofing Ltd

A Canadian company you can trust

With more than 20 years of experience, you can rely on the quality of our services. At Magnum Roofing Ltd. we are not only providing you with quality services but also we are proud of what we do.

We are here to help you with your Torch-on roofing installation, Shingle Roof, and general roofing repairs. Please give us a call or contact us now to talk about your project.

We offer you only the best material with the most updated techniques in the industry. Our tradesmen are highly qualified and follow a strong work ethic. We follow the strong safety standards from the province of British Columbia and believe that safety is mandatory. Also, we are SOPREMA approved applicators, which offers some of the best materials for the roofing industry.

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"Your flat roof specialist
Soprema approved Applicators"


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Your flat roof specialist, Magnum Roofing Ltd

Torch On

"SOPREMA approved Applicators"

Torch-on roofing also known as torch down roofing is an important solution for your residential, industrial or commercial roof. It is a great long lasting material that will protect your roof from weather and animals.

At Magnum Roofing Ltd. we specialize in this type of roofing. We are proud to offer you only the best material and the best techniques for your project. We are an Authorized SOPREMA Contractor.

We will be happy to hear from you and help you with any question. If you would like to get a quote you can call us at (604) 720-3432 or you can fill the contact form in the contact section.

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Torch on

Proud of what we do

Shingle Roof

Our expertise is your best option.

We provide with the advice of our expertise when it come to get the right roof for you. The type of roofing shingles depends on many factors like climatic conditions. We will assist you with the best option for your needs.

At magnum roofing we see our clients as friends. We are interested in provide you with a quality service and we guarantee our work. We know that budget wise a good repair can extend the life of your roofing for a few years.

Our goal at magnum roofing is to provide you good services and solutions for your roofing projects.

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Roof is what we do

Roof is what we do

All Kind of Repairs

Need repairs? We'll get it done.

You have a problem with your roof? Please, call us today or fill a contact form. Let us know about it, so we can help you. There is not any small or big problem when it comes to your roofing. Small leaks can become a big problem if they are not fixed soon.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your investment. It protects your home from the weather, debris, and animals. With more than 40 years of experience in residential, commercial or industrial properties, we have the experience to help you. There is not a small or big repair. Let us have a look at the problem, and we will be happy to help you and give you a free estimate.

If you have a small leak, please do not wait to fix it. Leaking in your property can create structural damage that can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

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Need repairs?


If you want a quote or an estimate, please send us a description of your project.

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